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Water Colour Painting with Gum Arabic

Hello All…. Nupur here and this time I will be showing you how to use Gum Arabic. People who do frequent water-coloring must be knowing, how important gum Arabic is to create a master piece in watercolor. So lets get started….. Gum Arabic comes in chunks, so what you need to do is take a airtight container and add 5-6 big chunks of Gum Arabic in it and add water, then wait for 3-4 hours for it to completely dissolve in water. It will look like a thick gum that you use for general purposes. And even this small amount can be easily used in 5-6, A-3 size paintings.

So, let’s get started…. First, I will be showing you 3 very important use of Gum Arabic in watercolor: When you mix this product with watercolor and apply it on paper, upon drying it really helps in lifting up the color. Below is a sample of painting, with Gum Arabic and without Gum Arabic. The picture clearly shows how easily colors can be lifted when mixed with this product.Watercolor mixed with Gum Arabic give an extra shin…

How to Paint a Tree Right (Birch tree) with Water Color(for beginners)

How to Paint a Tree Right (Birch tree) with Water Colour Hello everyone, Nupur here today, to share my first post as Itsy Bitsy DT team member. Many times I have been asked questions on how to paint a tree trunk. So this blog is all about painting tree trunks, especially for the newbies using water colour. This is an easy to handle technique and while there are definitely more techniques involved to make it look more real, but lets first start with the basics. Have a look at the finished tree trunk first, to understand what we are trying to achieve here: To start with, some thumb rules in water colour: Always have 2 glasses of water to wash the brushes, one to wash light colours and other for dark coloursAlways mix the colour in colour palette first before applying it on the paperIf you are new to water colour then always check the mixed colour on a rough paperAlways use thick paper (at least 140 gsm). I used Little Birdie Cartridge Paper. So let us get started. We first draw the tree…